Wert14 Rates and Prices
Individual building valuation

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19,90 €

pro Bewertung*


29,90 €

pro Monat/Nutzer


49,90 €

pro Monat/Nutzer



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Building valuation function
*A valuation contains the holistic building valuation of a searched address including all associated buildings with the help of the tool "Wert14".

1 Bewertung*

5 Bewertungen* pro Monat

10 Bewertungen* pro Monat

Inventory analysis
All buildings are recognised and fully automatically analysed via the address. You immediately see all assessment risks in a list with an aerial photograph or on a map. The price includes the option of an individual valuation including a BuildingReport.
Post-editing function

6 Monate

6 Monate

6 Monate

6 Monate

BuildingReport (incl. data and photos, building dimensions)
Several calculation methods
Drawing tool
Map view
Updating of the indices
PDF offline documents
Knowledge Base / FAQ
SkenData Academy
E-Mail Support
Call-back service
Access- and user management
Updates and system improvements
Multiple address selection
Automatic monument recognition
Automatic photovoltaic detection
Onboarding introduction package
Certification package and training platform
Adaptation programming
Sections for administration, revision, reporting and partner management
Corporate Design


  • Registration for the building valuation tool “Wert14” is free of charge. In order to be able to carry out your own building valuations, the use of Wert14 will be charged. Here you can choose between three different tariffs:
    • Single: In the Wert14 Single tariff, one valuation is charged at EUR 19.90 each.
    • Plus: For the Wert14 Plus tariff, 29.90 EUR per account and month are due.
    • Professional: For the Wert14 Professional rate you pay 49.90 EUR per account and month.
  • Yes, you can initially register for Wert14 free of charge. Once you have created an account for Wert14, you can use six test addresses to familiarise yourself with the functionalities of Wert14. It is not possible to use your own test address.
  • An upgrade from the Single or Plus tariff to the Professional tariff is possible if a SEPA direct debit mandate is available. In order to change from the Professional tariff to the Plus tariff, the tariff must be cancelled in writing (see question: What is the cancellation period for the respective tariffs?).
  • SkenData accepts the following means of payment: SEPA direct debit mandate for Wert14 Plus and Wert14 Professional, SEPA direct debit mandate as well as invoice payment for the Wert14 Single tariff.
  • Depending on the payment method and booking period, a payment is payable directly after the end of the respective billing month and receipt of invoice.
  • You can easily cancel your tariff by e-mail 5 days before the end of the performance period (on the 25th of the current calendar month). To do so, simply send an e-mail with your request to: support@skendata.de
  • On request, SkenData is offering attractive enterprise conditions to you. If you have further questions about this, please contact us at info@skendata.de or by phone on +49 381 25249294. We will be happy to provide you an individual offer.
  • No. Unused valuations are not transferable to the next period.
  • After you have used up your inclusive building valuations, you can upgrade your tariff (preferential price of only 5.00 EUR net/building valuation).
  • No. The use of the account is restricted exclusively to the registered user and may not be shared.
  • A billing month always begins on the first of the respective calendar month.
  • Your access to Wert14.de and the existing building valuations and BuildingReports remains. You can use the single tariff for further single building valuations.